We're very happy to announce that InvenioRDM v6.0 LTS has been released!!!

Try It

Want to try InvenioRDM? Just head over to our demo site: https://inveniordm.web.cern.ch

If you want to install it, follow the installation instructions on https://inveniordm.docs.cern.ch/install/

Production ready

InvenioRDM v6.0 is the first release to be suitable for production services, and therefore the first to receive the Long-Term Support release label. This marks the achievement a major milestone for the InvenioRDM.


Following is a high-level overview of features currently supported by InvenioRDM. This is just the beginning as we have a packed road map with exciting features ahead of us.


  • Any resource type InvenioRDM allows you to store publications, datasets, software, images, videos or any other resource type you may have thus can serve as a single repository for all your records.

  • Any file format/size InvenioRDM accepts any file format in any size given that your underlying infrastructure can support it.

  • Versioning support Records and files are all versioned with optimized storage for large files.

  • DOI registration via DataCite InvenioRDM can register DOIs with DataCite for all records, and allows you to write plugins for other identifier schemes.

  • DataCite-based metadata InvenioRDMs internal metadata is based on the DataCite Metadata Schema which is a simple yet powerful format for describing nearly any research output (paper, data, software, ...).

  • Strong support for persistent identifiers Authors, affiliations, licenses, related papers/datasets etc can all be identified via persistent identifiers such as ORCID and RORs.

  • Extended Date Time Format (EDTF) support Publication dates and other dates support the EDTF format for recording imprecise dates and date ranges such as 1939/1945.

  • Previewers InvenioRDM comes with previewers for common files formats such as PDFs, images, CSV, Markdown, XML and JSON.

  • Citation formatting. InvenioRDM can generate citations strings for your records using the Citation Style Language with support for more than 800+ journal citation styles.

  • Record preview. Before you publish your record, you can see a preview of how it looks like.

  • Metadata-only records Both records with or without associated files are supported.

  • Identifier detection and validation. InvenioRDM comes with support for automatic detection and validation for a large number of persistent identifier schemes (i.e. less typing and clicking for end-users).


  • Faceted search. InvenioRDM supports fully customizable faceted search.

  • Advanced query syntax. InvenioRDM has support for advanced querying via simple term search, phrase search, range search, regular expressions and custom ranking/sorting/

  • Auto-complete as you type. InvenioRDM exposed advanced APIs for search-as-you-type scenarios.

Auth, permissions and security

  • Login via institutional account. InvenioRDM makes it easy to integrate your institutional authentication provider such as e.g. Keycloak, OAuth or alternative use e.g. ORCID for login.

  • Restricted records. InvenioRDM supports restricting access to files only or to the entire record.

  • Share by link. Restricted records can be shared with peer-reviewers or your colleagues via secret links.

  • Embargo support Restricted records can be embargoed so that they are automatically made publicly on a specific date so that you can comply with e.g. funders' Open Access mandates.

  • Logged in devices. InvenioRDM allows users to see a list of currently logged in devices on their account.


  • Styling and theming InvenioRDM can be styled and themed to fit into your institutional visual identity.

  • Custom vocabularies All vocabularies such as types for resources, dates, roles, relations, affiliations etc can be customized to your local instance.

  • Subjects InvenioRDM can load external subjects vocabularies used for classifications such as Medial Subject Headings (MeSH) and many others.

  • Permission system InvenioRDM supports advanced customizations to the permission system for e.g. IP-based access control.

APIs and interoperability

  • REST API InvenioRDM exposes a strong versioned REST API for all operations on the repository, that allows you to build your own integrations on top of InvenioRDM.

  • Export formats InvenioRDM supports exporting records metadata in multiple formats such as JSON, Citation Style Language JSON, DataCite JSON/XML, Dublin Core.


  • Large file support InvenioRDM supports uploading and handling TB-sized files and can manage from MBs to PBs of data as long as your underlying storage systems supports it.

  • Multi-storage systems InvenioRDM allows you to integrate backend multiple storage systems in the same instance such as S3, XRootD and more.

  • Deploy anywhere InvenioRDM is a Python application and you can deploy into your institutional infrastructure wheather it is on bare metal, VMs, containers, Kubernetes or OpenShift.


The development of InvenioRDM is the result of an Open Source project kicked of 2 years ago with a diverse set of partners from all over academia and research. Most of the development and testing work has been conducted during the pandemic making it extra challenging for the people involved but also in a fully online environment.

Just the start

This release is just the start. Our next major milestone is to bring Zenodo.org on top of InvenioRDM, which means that most larger features have been shipped along the way, and that the system have been fully tested against large-scale heavy production loads.