Hosting & Support

Figure out how to seek help or commercial hostin

Invenio Products are Free Open Source Software
You can choose to run the products by yourself and use our community for help and guidance.

The fastest way to get a reply is to join our chatroom. Here most developers and maintainers of Invenio hangout during their regular working hours.


Ask questions or browse answers to existing questions.


If you have feature requests or want to report potential bug, you can do it by opening an issue in one of the individual Invenio module repositories.

Events & Training

Join our events or check out our training material.

Looking for cloud hosting and/or commercial support?

Cottage Labs is a partnership of data experts who can help you understand and utilise your data more effectively. They provide custom development and integration services on Invenio to meet your needs.

TIND is a CERN spin-off company offering commercial services around Invenio platform, including cloud hosting and custom feature development.

Providing commercial Invenio services? Contact us to be shown here.