Latest Releases

Invenio v2.1? release series: (development)

Invenio v2.0 release series: (old development)

Invenio v1.2 release series: (recommended)

Invenio v1.1 release series: (old stable)

Invenio v1.0 release series: (very old stable)

Invenio v0.99 release series: (very, very old stable)

Source Code Repository

The development sources can be accessed via Git:

$ git clone
$ git checkout master # or maint-M.N, or next, or pu...

You can also browse Invenio source code repository via our git web interface and read the source code documentation and snippets via our code browser.

If you are testing development sources instead of using regular tarball releases, we advise you to run autotools like this:

$ rm -rf autom4te.cache/
$ aclocal-1.11
$ automake-1.11 -a
$ autoconf

and proceed with the installation as usual (./configure, etc). This will generate you a proper "development snapshot" version number of the form meaning that you are running a development snapshot that started off from 0.99.1 on a branch that is currently at its 1457th commit after 0.99.1 and that the latest commit in this branch is SHA1 19fb4.

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