snap1.gif Navigable collection tree

  • Documents organised in collections
  • Regular and virtual collection trees
  • Customizable portalboxes for each collection
  • At CERN, over 1,000,000 documents in 700 collections

snap2.gif Powerful search engine

  • Specially designed indexes to provide fast search speed for repositories of up to 2,000,000 records
  • Customizable simple and advanced search interfaces
  • Combined metadata, fulltext and citation search in one go
  • Results clustering by collection

snap3.gif Flexible metadata

  • Standard metadata format (MARC)
  • Handling articles, books, theses, photos, videos, museum objects and more
  • Customizable display and linking rules

snap4.gif User personalization

  • user-defined document baskets
  • user-defined automated email notification alerts
  • basket-sharing within user groups
  • Amazon-like user comments for documents in repository and shared baskets

invenio_formats.jpg Multiple output formats

To find out more about Invenio's features, please check the documentation page.

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