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OAI-ORE support

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Open Archives Initiative Object Reuse and Exchange defines standards for the description and exchange of aggregations of Web resources [...]

In Invenio aggregation might come from different sources:

  • the DB:
    • collections aggregate records
    • records links to documents
    • documents links to revisions of documents
    • revisions of document link to formats of documents
  • MARC 76x-78x fields (at CERN e.g. these are used to link a record to the official publication, or a conference with its talks, a talk with the contribution and the proceeding, etc. or can be used to link a photo to a photoshoot). (in OpenAIREplus datasets will be linked to publications).

Implementation details will be added as comments to this ticket.

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Prototype of ORE generation
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Library required for to run.

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Prototype of ORE generation

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Library required for to run.

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OAI-ORE prototype notes

Use cases of OAI-ORE:

  • Data exchange (primary):
    • CDS, Inspire, ADS, arXiv
    • OpenAIREplus Orphan Repository, OpenAIREplus repository.
  • Visualisation (secondary):
    • Enhanced publications: Browsing the archives via Firefox plugin (small showcase).

Candidate aggregation examples:

  • General examples:
    • Collection aggregating:
      • Collections
      • Records
      • Feed
    • Record aggregating:
      • Metadata record (perhaps via OAI-PMH)
      • Authors
      • Documents (PDFs, Images, Videos, Audio)
      • Bibliographic descriptions: BibTex, MARC, MARCXML
      • Comments
      • External links
      • Similar to relationship: DOI, arXiv id
      • See also
    • Record citations (this could also just be added as a relationship to other resources)
      • Records
    • Record translations
      • Records
    • Documents aggregating:
      • Revisions
    • Revisions aggregating:
      • Formats
  • Specific examples:
    • Logs
    • Login information?
    • Photo shoot aggregating:
      • Photos (isn’t this the same as a record aggregating documents?)
    • Conference aggregating:
      • Contributions
      • Proceeding
      • Notes
      • Posters
      • Talks
      • Slides
    • Book aggregating:
      • Chapters
    • Periodical
      • Journals
        • Volumes -> Issues -> Record
    • OpenAIRE:
      • Funding scheme aggregating
        • Projects
          • Records (data, publications)
      • Publications aggregating
        • Data
        • Project(s)
        • Funding scheme
      • Data aggregating
        • Publications
        • Project(s)
        • Funding scheme
  • See also videos
  • Similar records

Abstract data model

  • Resource: anything of interest - resources are identified by HTTP URIs
    • Information resource: Any kind of document, image, video etc that when you access the URI get information back (i.e like we know the web).
    • Non-information resource: The HTTP URI doesn’t return information - just a name for a “real-world” object
  • Aggregation: a set of resources (a non-information resource).
  • Aggregated resource: a resource in an aggregation (which can be an aggregation).

Important: Anything that should be in an aggregation,
must have a URL (e.g project, funding scheme, etc)

  • Resource map: a description of one aggregation (i.e an information resource)
  • Proxy: used for ordering

HTTP implementation


  • Inclusion of other relationships and metadata:
    • How much (see 4.5 Relationships to other Resources and Types)? Citation links, translations.
  • Exporting very large aggregations
  • HTTP implementation of OAI-ORE incompatible with Invenio URL scheme?
  • Efficiency of protocol
    • Redirects in resource map discovery
    • One aggregation per resource map (means lots of HTTP requests to harvest #records).
  • Enforcing structural constraints of aggregation graph

Relation with OAI-PMH

  • OAI-PMH be used to support resource map discovery
  • OAI-ORE can be used to include a link to a OAI-PMH metadata record

Integration in Invenio

  • URL Scheme + Data model
    • Anything that needs to be referenced from an aggregation needs a HTTP URI (there are ways to express relationships with other entities though).
    • The data model and URL scheme is tightly connected.
  • Resource Map generation framework:
    • Mapping of Invenio data to resource maps
    • Module for mapping anything in Invenio to the OAI-ORE data model

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