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#846 new enhancement

WebSubmit: update handling of HIDDEN files with document manager

Reported by: jcaffaro Owned by: jcaffaro
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Commit 827951533f3194b3d6f8d3d82745473df39a4143 introduced support for hidden files in the document manager (#585). The update considered that a BibDoc is completely hidden as soon as one of its bibdocfiles is hidden.

It is now needed to hide files at the level of bibdocfiles, such that only some formats/subformats are hidden, not the complete BibDoc.

It should be checked if a new behaviour is compatible with the already existing uses of this feature (i.e. Inspire), or if some configurable (CFG_ variable) option should be added.

Change History (2)

comment:1 Changed 2 years ago by jcaffaro

(See commit bc78c0b0727cf4e0f0c2548607a19b79df910c68 in CERN-specific repo which uses HIDDEN flag for some formats only)

comment:2 Changed 2 years ago by Jerome Caffaro <jerome.caffaro@…>

In [830df27c7af425731c8f42a499d66956bc02d314]:

WebSubmit: CERN hack concerning hidden formats

  • CERN-specific workaround to not hide the complete BibDoc when only one format is hidden. Temporary until ticket #846 is sorted out. (addresses #846)
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