Invenio v1.1.0 is released

Invenio v1.1.0 is released
October 21, 2012

Invenio v1.1.0 was released on October 21, 2012.

This release introduces new Invenio release series v1.1.  Invenio v1.1
brings over 1200 commits on top of Invenio v1.0, authored by over 20
new co-authors and contributors.  Invenio v1.1 series contains many
new features such as new automatic upgrader of Invenio installations,
new media encoder library, new author disambiguator and paper claiming
tool, new full-text snippet tool and support for Solr indexing, new
in-memory record sorter, new user-signed web API key facility, new
synonym support for searching and indexing, new micro format support
for web crawlers, and more.  Invenio v1.1 is recommended to all
Invenio sites using v1.0 or previous release series.

What's new:

 *) BatchUploader: RESTful interface, runtime checks, TextMARC input,
    job priority selection

 *) BibAuthorID: new automatic author disambiguation and paper
    claiming facility

 *) BibCatalog: storage of ticket requestor, default RT user

 *) BibCirculation: security fixes

 *) BibClassify: UI improvements and refactoring

 *) BibConvert: new BibTeX-to-MARCXML conversion, new oaidmf2marcxml
    conversion, fixes for WORDS

 *) BibDocFile: new filesystem cache for faster statistics, caseless
    authorisation, disable HTTP range requests, improve file format
    policies, and more

 *) BibEdit: new options related to preview and printing, reference
    curation, autocompletion, record and field template manager,
    editing fields and subfields, per-collection authorisations, use
    of knowledge bases, and more

 *) BibEditMulti: new actions with conditions on fields, partial
    matching for subfields, faster preview generation, and more

 *) BibEncode: new audio and video media file processing tool, new
    Video demo collection

 *) BibFormat: new full-text snippet display facility, new
    configuration for I18N caching, updates to EndNote, Excel, Dublin
    Core and other formats, updates to formatting elements such as
    DOI, author, updates to podcast output, updates to XSLT
    processing, and more

 *) OAIHarvest: new configurable workflow with reference extraction,
    new author list extraction post process, upload priority, OpenAIRE
    compliance, better handling of timeouts, and more

 *) BibIndex: new full-text indexing via Solr, new support for author
    ID indexing, better author tokeniser

 *) BibKnowledge: dynamic knowledge bases for record editor, support
    for JSON format

 *) BibMatch: new matching of restricted collections

 *) BibMerge: subfield order in slave record, confirmation pop up,
    record selection bug fix

 *) BibRank: new index term count ranking method, new support for flot
    graphs, updates to citation graphs

 *) BibRecord: new possibility to use lxml parser, sanity checks

 *) BibSched: new motd-like facility for queue monitor, new
    continuable error status for tasks, new tasklet framework, new
    multi-node support, new monotask support, new support for task
    sequences, improvements to scheduling algorithm

 *) BibSort: new in-memory fast sorting tool using configurable

 *) BibUpload: new automatic generation of MARC tag 005, new
    `--callback-url' CLI parameter, fixes for appending existing
    files, fixes for multiple 001 tags, and more

 *) WebAccess: new external person ID support, performance
    improvements, robot manager UI improvements, fixes for firerole

 *) WebAlert: new alert description facility, fixes for restricted

 *) WebApiKey: new user-signed Web API key facility

 *) WebAuthorProfile: new author pages with dynamic box layout

 *) WebBasket: add to basket interface improvements, better XML
    export, fixes for external records and other improvements

 *) WebComment: new collapsible comment support, new permalink to
    comments, loss prevention of unsubmitted comments, tidying up HTML
    markup of comments, and more

 *) WebJournal: new Open Graph markup, more customisable newsletter,
    redirect to latest release of specific category, refresh chosen
    collections on release, remove unnecessary encoding/decoding,
    update weather widget for new APIs, and more

 *) WebSearch: new index-time and search-time synonym support, new
    Open Graph markup, new Google Scholar friendly metadata in page
    header, new limit option for wildcard queries, new support for
    access to merged records, new next/previous/back link support, new
    `authorcount' indexing and searching, new relative date search
    facility, clean OpenSearch support, improved speed, improvements
    to SPIRES query syntax support, improvements to self-cite math,
    primary collection guessing, other numerous fixes

 *) WebSession: new useful guest sessions, reintroduces configurable
    IP checking, enforcement of nickname refresh, several other fixes

 *) WebStat: new login statistics, new custom query summary, error
    analyser, custom event improvements

 *) WebStyle: new display restriction flag for restricted records, new
    initial right-to-left language support, authenticated user and
    HTTPS support, IP check for proxy configurations, layout updates
    and fixes for MSIE, and more

 *) WebSubmit: new initial support for converting to PDF/X, new
    embargo support, better LibreOffice compatibility, better async
    file upload, enhancements for Link_Records, support for hiding
    HIDDEN files in document manager, configurable initial value for
    counter, make use of BibSched task sequences, and more

 *) installation: updates to jQuery, CKEditor, unoconv, and other

 *) dbdump: new compression support, reworked error handling

 *) dbquery: new possibility to query DB slave nodes, new dict-like
    output, fix for MySQL 5.5.3 and higher versions

 *) errorlib: stack analysis improvements, outline style improvements
    for invenio.err

 *) htmlutils: improvements to HTML markup removal, HTML tidying

 *) I18N: new Arabic and Lithuanian translations, updates to Catalan,
    Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish

 *) intbitset: new performance improvements, new get item support, new
    pickle support, several memory leak fixes

 *) inveniocfg: new automated Invenio Upgrader tool

 *) InvenioConnector: new search with retries, improved search
    parameters, improved local site check, use of Invenio user agent

 *) jsonutils: new JSON utility library

 *) mailutils: possibility to specify Reply-To header, fixes to

 *) plotextractor: better TeX detection, better PDF harvesting from
    arXiv, configurable sleep timer

 *) pluginutils: new create_enhanced_plugin_builder API, external
    plugin loading

 *) RefExtract: new daemon operation mode, new DOI recognition, better
    author recognition, new author knowledge base

 *) remote debugger: new remote debuggng support

 *) sequtils: new sequence generator tool

 *) solrutils: new support for full-text query dispatching to Solr

 *) testutils: new Selenium web test framework

 *) textutils: updates to string-to-ascii functions, LaTeX symbols to

 *) urlutils: fix for redirect_to_url

 *) xmlmarclint: fix for error report formatting

 *) ... and other numerous smaller fixes and improvements



Installation notes:

Please follow the INSTALL file bundled in the distribution tarball.

Upgrade notes:

If you are upgrading from previous Invenio release series such as
v0.99 or v1.0, then you can proceed as follows:

 a) Stop your bibsched queue and your Apache server.

 b) Install the update:

     $ tar xvfz invenio-1.1.0.tar.gz
     $ cd invenio-1.1.0
     $ sudo rsync -a /opt/invenio/etc/ /opt/invenio/etc.OLD/
     $ sh /opt/invenio/etc/build/config.nice
     $ make
     $ make check-upgrade
     $ sudo -u www-data make install
     $ sudo -u www-data /opt/invenio/bin/inveniocfg --update-all
     $ diff -r /opt/invenio/etc/ /opt/invenio/etc.OLD/
       # inspect differences and adapt your local configuration files
     $ sudo -u www-data /opt/invenio/bin/inveniocfg --upgrade

 c) Restart your Apache server and your bibsched queue.

 d) You may want to schedule new BibDocFile file system cache update:

     $ bibdocfile --fix-bibdocfsinfo-cache
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